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Theatre Sound Cue Control for iPad

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FX Live is a powerful sound scheduler and mixer for live productions. Ideal for use in all live situations, this highly responsive and intuitive application allows you to design and automate complex audio elements for any live production.

FX Live is the first application to fully unlock the potential of the iPad as a professional show FX controller. It features the ability to sequence multiple virtual FX players with programmable crossfades between the different elements.

The iPad's touch interface is ideal for this kind of application and FX Live has been designed to be fast and easy to use for everyone from the occasional user doing a school production to those creating complex, multi-layered shows in a professional or semi-professional environment.

The application features three main screens:

  1. Show Setup
  2. Show Design
  3. Performance

FX Live Show Setup


This screen is used for creating and naming a new show and adding any production notes required. 

It also includes a playlist for incidental music, allowing you to schedule and play out walk in or interval music without leaving the application. 

The level of the incidental music can be altered directly from this screen and the music can be faded out smoothly once the performance is ready to begin.

FX Live Show Design


This is the primary screen for designing the sound for a show. It consists of 4 main areas:

The Cue List, in which you can add to or access the list of cues scheduled for the performance.

The Effect List, which details the one or more effects which make up the current cue, and which can be modified as required.

Spot Effects, where you can add up to 4 Spot Effects associated with any cue.

Effect Details, which allows to you apply criteria to the selected effects, such as level, pan, fade in/out duration and loop.

FX Live Performance


The Performance screen is used to run the show. 

If everything goes to plan, this can be used to simply step through the cues in order using the TAKE NEXT button, with Spot Effects being dropped in as needed. 

However, in any live performance you have to be ready for the unexpected and FX Live has been designed specifically with flexibility in mind:

  • You can quickly jump to any point in the Cue List and pick up from that point
  • Individual running elements can be paused, stopped and have their level overridden
  • An ALL STOP button is also provided to silence everything 


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